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The ACSFP - Association of Chartered Senior Financial Planners holds all members to strict professional and ethical standards for conducting business.  All member complaints we receive are handled promptly and are taken very seriously.  All member complaints have the potential for dicsiplinary action against the member (including, but not limited to, member termination).    

If you would like to file a complaint against an ACSFP Member please send an email to .  Please provide the member's First and Last Name, City and State of Residence, and a detailed account of why you are filing the complaint.  The more detailed the explanation, the quicker we can investigate the complaint and make a ruling. 

If you prefer you can also send us a formal letter via mail.  Please send the letter to the following address:


    Association of Chartered Senior Financial Planners    

    ATTN: Member Complaints

    8174 South Holly Street #253

    Centennial, Colorado 80122